Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Malloy Vetoes First Bill Of 2013; Would Have Required Regulations And Safety/Certification Standards For Spray Foam Insulation

Malloy Vetoes First Bill Of 2013; Would Have Required Regulations And Safety/Certification Standards For Spray Foam Insulation

Connecticut governor Dan Malloy’s veto of HB 5908, which would have required the state to establish standards for the spray polyurethane foam insulation industry, is an overt act of cowardice, masked by his concern for public health. By vetoing HB 5908 Governor Malloy opted for "voluntary" regulation of the SPF chemical industry, in other words, no regulation.  Voluntary regulation resulted in severe and permanent injury to more than two dozen children at the school where I was teaching.

I was seriously and permanently injured by Spray Foam Insulation when a non-trained applicator spray these chemicals on the school where I had been teaching. I was an award winning athlete and teacher until spray foam chemicals left me and more than two dozen children and teachers fighting to breathe and in a life and death struggle.

Spray foam insulation (SPF)was proven to have caused my severe asthma, resulted in surgical removal of almost all my sinus tissue, scarred my lungs, burned my eyes, causing early onset cataracts, and permanently damaged my brain and peripheral nerves. The Spray Foam industry never disputed my injuries.

Had the governor of Mississippi passed a similar bill, I and the children at my school would not have been injured by Spray Foam insulation. The next injury from SPF in Ct will leave the fingerprints of Governor Dan Malloy. http://www.toxicjustice.com

Children are harmed everyday because adults remain silent about health issues. Please visit Children's Environmental Protection Alliance (Children's EPA)  http://www.childrensepa.org

Please comment on the article linked below if you are angered by Governor Dan Malloy's veto and refusal to protect consumers and child health from untrained, greedy, and negligent SPF applicators.  Commenting is easy and has been demonstrated to affect government policy.  Please share this post.

Hartford Courant, Capital Watch <http://courantblogs.com/capitol-watch/malloy-vetoes-first-bill-of-2013-would-have-required-regulations-and-safetycertification-standards-for-spray-foam-insulation/>

Gov. Dan. Malloy vetoed his first bill of 2013 on Monday, saying rather than have the state develop regulations and safety standards for spray foam insulation in homes, he would encourage installers to “obtain training, credentialing or certification under programs … developed on a national basis.”
House Bill 5908, “An Act Concerning Safety and Certification Standards for the Spray Foam Insulation Industry,” sailed through both the House and Senate without any “no” votes or controversy; the House voted 145-0 on April 24, and the Senate 34-0 on May 30. . .Read more: http://courantblogs.com/capitol-watch/malloy-vetoes-first-bill-of-2013-would-have-required-regulations-and-safetycertification-standards-for-spray-foam-insulation/#comment-129615

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