Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Toxic cleanup from Ind. fire may take weeks

Spray on foam insulation is a hazard from manufacture, transport, storage, application, removal, disposal, and because it is extremely flammable. The foam and its sealant poisoned me while application during school hours. Think of the danger of acres of school roofs on fire. No child could get far enough away to be safe. Home builders encourage filling attic roofing and walls with this material.

Firefighters and rescue workers are endangered. Why are schools and home builders calling this product "green" and targeted in marketing campaigns after 30 years of documented dangers? Spray on foam roofing and sealant may safe energy costs, but is the reward worth the harm to the environment and to human and animal life? Why no restriction from the EPA? Warning to school officials and builders from the CDC? Why no concern shown by the US Education dept.? Where is Michelle Obama whose campaign to save obese children was widely covered by the media?

Toxic cleanup from Ind. fire may take weeks

Fire officials said Sunday the smoke was toxic and urged people to stay in their homes and keep their windows closed.

Barrels of liquid cyanide that are used by the company to fireproof insulation after after its installation contributed to the toxic smoke. When inhaled, cyanide can cause headaches, dizziness, seizures and death within minutes or hours, depending on how much is in the air.

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