Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shocking video of toddler in China and politics as usual in USA

Shocking USAToday story with video of toddler hit and run and people passing by, not helping. Politicians stand by and do nothing to prevent or help school children harmed by toxic products and chemicals used at private schools and public schools, in day-cares, religious, recreation, parks, and other facilities were children live, learn, and play.

How can we let Presidential hopefuls, politicians, law makers, and lobbyists bicker over abortion and contraceptive issues, then show little to no concern about news reports of thousands of living children harmed at school every year by poor environmental and chemical conditions?

Could USA political policy of prioritizing economic growth over child safety lead to disregard for human life like that shown in the film clip in the USAToday story? Highly possible. For half a century, product and chemical manufacturer actuaries and insurance carriers factor costs of litigation and settlements for death and injury against cost of fixing dangerous designs or eliminating hazardous chemicals. How else can our government officials explain more than thirty years of school injuries from application of spray on foam roofing, and polyurethane coatings during the school day? Nothing has changed in the almost 30 years since my toxic injury from application of spray on foam roofing during the school day at the school where I was teaching. - I hear stories from families every month with children exposed to dangerous chemicals at school, and injuries to schoolchildren from the same product that injured me. Yet no federal policy forbids this.
Toddler hit-and-run sparks outrage in China

If you want to encourage change, here is your chance. Voice your concerns that we not allow schools schoolchildren to be seriously and repeatedly injured by dangerous environments and chemicals, then allow those who injured them or failed to help, to go unpunished. Contact CNN and tell them you want to see Toxic Schools Part 3 on Toxic Justice. Toxic Justice was spotlighted on CNN's program Toxic Schools part 1 and 2 with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Toxic Schools -

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